Age Of War

Age Of War

Hello, every boy! Have you ever been thirsty for getting involved in an ancient war? If so, the attraction of Age Of War is specially designed to please your demand, dear players! The curiosity about its concept, background, and graphic is waking in your mind, right? Quickly jump into the playground instantly!

Right now, players are in charge of a commander, who controls the battle against aggressive rivals. More interestingly, because the war belongs to the prehistoric age, warriors are indeed cavemen, while necessary equipment includes cold steels, dinosaurs, bricks, flames, rocks, or logs. In reference to the core objective, you’re asked to form tactical strategies to prevent these hostiles from destructing the home bastion. The enemies’ death brings back XP points. Just spend this income on many special attacks for such the urgent circumstances and other different upgrades for the home troop.

Whether the ancient fight with dramatic cliffhangers may be controlled well or not, all depends on your hands, remember! Let’s get Age Of War started here!

How to play

The left mouse is controlled to play Age Of War.

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