Bobby Da Arrow

Bobby Da Arrow

Did you know that only Bobby Da Arrow might stop the upcoming goblins and defend your kingdom? The shooting type of action game brings its participants a new playing mechanism where their major role is to beat up the hostiles as hard as they can!

How to kill these hateful goblins that are devastating your castle? Simply use your given arrows to knock them down. Also, please watch the move timer because this is a simultaneous strategy game where the invaders will move even though you are walking. Plus, plan ahead in every the level so that you will not be caught in the thick of things. Strategically make use of flaming, poisonous, & regular arrows while cleverly watch your arrow stash since it is limited. As you progress through the stages, don’t mind freeing the villagers of the kingdom, unlocking more achievements and encountering new types of goblins.

Aim well and have fun with Bobby Da Arrow!

Apply the Mouse to aim & shoot, the R key to restart the current round, and the 123 number keys to choose different arrow.

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