Dare to challenge yourself to a strategic TD game, named CastleMine? Are you brilliant enough to fulfill all vital tasks in the game? Show us your talent here!

See! There is a castle! It seems to be invaded by tons of horrifying creatures (zombies, creepers, and spiders). Your only target here is to defeat all these hostiles before everything becomes too late. Note that the foes aren’t just on the ground, but they are also in the air. What to do now? At first, create a wavy path, and then arrange some powerful towers on the path to stop their attack. As each tower has their own special ability, please use them wisely! Ah, just remember to mine gold and diamonds to earn much money for advanced towers. Strengthening your defensive system is also highly encouraged!

Yes, visiting CastleMine is worth an attempt, I am sure!

How to play

The mouse is only used to handle the in-game mission.


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