Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes

Feel excited with the task of controlling terrific heroes and defeating all terrible creatures in Clicker Heroes ! Join with us to show off all skills you have now!

In fact, players are just asked to use the mouse to click on the creature’s body instantly so that it’ll be completely beaten. One golden coin shall be added to their budget for each win. Don’t forget that such the coins play a huge role in upgrading available heroes who own effective skills. For that reason, nothing is vital than doing best to increase Click Damage so as to knock out more & more enemies. After completing an area, get nimble to move onto the next zones to deal with other dangerous ones. Defeat all and finish the requests in Achievements to win a victory!

What’re you waiting for? No time to hesitate anymore! Set foot to Clicker Heroes and savor awesome moments now!

How to play

The entire game is maneuvered by the mouse.


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