If you’re a hardcore fan of Minecraft, you might feel familiar when mentioning Crafting , right? It’s one of the most basic tasks in all Minecraft games. To improve your knowledge about Crafting, join in this game right now!

Before starting off the first recipe, let’s carefully take a look at the whole interface. See, there are 2 boxes here! The first one at the bottom is the Inventory, and the other one is the Crafting box. In the storage, players may find many different ingredients such as sticks, rocks, iron, coal, diamonds, gold, wood, and more. Once an object appears next to the Crafting box, you need to select the right ingredients and drag them to right positions inside this box. If you correct, the score will rise up. Otherwise, you’ll continue Crafting to earn points. This game is quite challenging and fun!

Will you master all the recipes in Crafting ? Don’t skip it this amazing game as you can widen your Minecraft knowledge.

How to play

Control the mouse if playing this game.

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