Would you like to become a King of a nice land? If so, get self dipped into Cubecrafts to make your dream come true now!

The 3D Minecraft world is nothing, but blocks and green grass. At that time, try to use your creativity and skillful hands to transform it into a lively world now. Firstly, take a pickaxe to mine stones, blocks, or anything needful for the process of building. Then, you’re now free to use such the materials to construct buildings, houses, schools, stores, hospitals, or everything you wish to put for your kingdom. Remember to build parks for kids. Last but not least, don’t forget to add flowers, trees, lakes, and forests, to make your own land more beautiful and colorful.

Have an enjoyable time in Cubecrafts!

How to play

The ASDW or arrow keys are used to move around.
The spacebar is used to jump.
The R key is availed to change tools.
The mouse is utilized to remove and place the blocks.


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