Cursed Treasure

Cursed TreasureHey, my dear friends! Your mission is here in Cursed Treasure. Hurry up to help a kingdom to protect their achievements right now. In the game, this kingdom is so rich. It owns many gem ores. That is the main reason their neighbors want to conquer these precious ores. Let’s go and become a commander to manage your army while battling against invaders. Look! There are many different towers and units. Players have to place them in the right places along the path towards the gem ores. After that, these towers will be activated and kill all incoming enemies. The players can speed the enemies up during the battle, but make sure that the towers are able to beat them. Never let these rivals reach their destination, or all gems will be stolen. Hope you keep your ores safe until the final wave, guys!

How to play

The mouse is to enjoy the game.


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