Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle FantasyGuys, 2 beautiful ladies love hunting cute animals like rabbits and deer. That is why they have already reached a very wonderful jungle. However, the hunt was not smooth as they thought. Now, they are trying to keep themselves alive from attacks of dangerous monsters. As a good boy, why don’t you come and help them get out of that danger? Please enjoy Epic Battle Fantasy to save 2 ladies. At first, players will train them how to attack and defend when enemies reach them. Look! Each of them owns a very powerful sword. Use them to beat all monsters off. The players have to press the Attack or Defend button on the screen, and then their characters will automatically strike bad aliens. After a stage, they can go to the store and change weapons by using the money they earned from killing the monsters. Hope you win the battle, boys!

How to play

The mouse is to control the game.


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