Fire And Ice Elves

Fire And Ice ElvesToday is a special day for two naughty elves – Fire Elf and Ice Elf. Last night, both of them have made a decision; that’s to enter a mysterious forest to search for the lost treasures. Are you willing to be their supporter? Be nimble-footed to access to Fire And Ice Elves right now! Let’s see whether or not you carry out the mission well! The players’ primary task is to instruct both of the elves to approach the finish line in all stages. Ok, be swift to use the prescribed button to guide them to move back and forth and avoid all of the dangerous obstacles. This game requires the carefulness, harmonization, skill, and cleverness from the players. One important thing, each elf has its own power, so you must direct them at the same time in order to support each other. For instance, Fire can stop blaze and Ice can freeze water. Finally, collect all the gems to enhance their budget. Let’s conquer 25 levels instantly, guys!

How to play

Player 1: tap WASD keys.
Player 2: hit arrow keys.


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