All Minecraft fellows! Guess which game is played most last month? That’s right! It’s GrindCraft – a new type of idle-click genre. Give this cool game a chance! Hit the Start button and play now!

The first special thing you may realize when playing this clicking game – the players will don’t need to hit on the objects crazily and continuously like the other ones. So, what is the core objective here? Keep it in your mind, you must grind and craft items throughout the game. Can you deal with 2 jobs at the same time? First of all, grind several raw materials in order to place them in the storage. Let’s move to the 2nd stage, tale advantage of the collected resources to craft essential items, tools, weapons, etc. Finally, put them back to the Inventory and wait for the later step – constructing structures. Keep working to unlock and gain new objects!

What do you think about GrindCraft? Right now, step in here to relish it! Have fun!

How to play

Utilize the mouse to carry out the mission.

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