Gum Drop Hop 3

Gum Drop Hop 3Are you looking for a new and fresh adventure? Do nothing but set foot to Gum Drop Hop 3 to explore awesome things there. Are you ready? Tap Start button and jump into the main screen now! Here, a little gum is waiting for the players. Use the prescribed keys to guide him to travel around the beautiful island. While discovering the mysterious landscapes, you must help that tiny gum to get over lots of risky obstacles and creatures. As the slippery road, you must be cautious when controlling him to avoid falling into the sea. Look! Can you see all the golden coins? Try to collect them to increase the points. Also, players will receive an important support if they grab as many cool items as possible (ice cream, heart, egg, and more). Do your best to set the longest distance, as well as the highest score in this game. Good luck!

How to play

Guide the orange gum by using the arrow keys.


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