Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux

Have you hear anything about Gun Mayhem Redux? In fact, it’s a special edition of Gun Mayhem series! If you still not enjoy it, here is your opportunity! Don’t miss this game, or it’s your regret!

Same like other chapters, the players are entrusted with an important mission – controlling a gunman, and guide him to overcome the challenge and take home a glorious victory. Throughout the shooting battle, it’s obviously that you must assault the all the foes successfully to gain the win. At the same time, remember to preserve your character’s life; otherwise, he will be counter-attacked instantly. Snatch the falling boxes to gain huge supports, like health potions or advanced weapons. Besides the main mission, there are also many funny duties to relish, such as Simple Al Death-match, Three Man Free for All, Domination, and more.

Ok, we won’t waste your valuable time! Have a joyful time in Gun Mayhem Redux!

How to play

Player 1: Use arrow keys to walk & ZX keys to fire.
Player 2: Press WSAD keys to move & TY keys to shoot.

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Gun Mayhem Redux, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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