Idle Mine Ex 2

Idle Mine Ex 2

What awesomely & wonderfully to expect from the next chapter of Idle Mine Ex? Today, Idle Mine Ex 2 is exactly in your aim’s reach. Grasp its content now, dear players! Here we are!

Listed as an Idle Game, it simply revolves around tapping on items to gain points as well as upgrading the ability of mining. Firstly, you’re asked to use a given pickaxe to break a ruby, a rock, or others in the game’s center until a lot of dollars are increasing within the budget. Next, visit the Upgrade shop to make deals on advanced tools and items which are useful for boosting the mining process. More interestingly, after a few achievements, other sparkling and valuable items you’ve mined will also pop up. Sounds fun, right?

Idle Mine Ex 2 is the best place for those who want to become the richest people across the globe! Happy mining!

How to play

The left mouse is emphasized to play the whole game.

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