Idle Recruit

Idle Recruit

Idle Recruit turns to be a wise option for those who like trying something new, cool, and terrific. Time to chance your taste! Feel easeful to enter the playing field right now!

As its name suggests, the main mission for players to deal with is to recruit as many employees as possible for extra income. Many types of career are also available to pick up, like spies, cheerleaders, plumbers, photographers, etc. Especially, they may be hired to do the jobs automatically, and then money will be added to your budget. You should also observe the screen to decide whether or not you want to increase each career’s level. Plus, please make deals on important upgrades and hats with earned money to gain medals and enhance the hiring speed. To check the current condition, don’t forget to view the Stats board.

Idle Recruit includes dozens of surprising things for self-discovery!

How to play

The idle-click game is well done by the mouse.


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