Idle Slime Miner

Idle Slime Miner

Have ever heard about Idle Slime Miner? The name of the game just helps us know that it is an Idle Mining Game, right? Hey, there is no time to hesitate anymore! Here we come!

After entering the playfield, every player is requested to congregate diamonds and gold while delving into the cavern in search of, well, Slime Eggs. Generally, your miner automatically swings once his Swing Meter does fill up. It is worth pointing out that each swing can gain you gold and mining experience. Such the gold should be spent on new upgrades and items to advance farther into the cavern. By default, the farming toggle, which is turned off and displays as a pickaxe on the blue circle, might even be used to stop progression in case that the levels are too tough. More information about the game mode is just available through clicking the Info button on the right side of the screen.

Got it? Feel free to savor Idle Slime Miner – the fun gold mining game!

How to play

All the problems are well solved by the left mouse.

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