Hey, guys! Wish to become a King, who controls the vast Minecraft land? Then, nothing is more perfect than entering IdleCraft to make your own dream come true now!

At first, it’s important to build your world by using a pickaxe to mine blocks and gather items, like coal, wood, iron, gems, ore, etc. Such the items are really useful for the process of construction. After that, wander around to find an ideal zone for your castle, and then place the blocks in the fixed grids to set up a stable structure. Apply your skillful hands and imagination to crafting tools. Don’t forget to construct hospitals, parks, markets, schools, etc. and put them in the rational position to serve people. For a nice land, you’re advised to plant grass, trees, and flowers to prevent pollution.

Get attractive enough to enter IdleCraft right away? Here we are!

How to play

Avail the mouse to interact with the whole game.


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