Infectonator 2

Infectonator 2The sequel – Infectonator 2 to the hit Infectonator series is here. Come to play it and see how it changes and why people love it. Definitely, this new version has a lot of depth and gives you the control to infect entire continents step by step and more great characters, better graphics, and more. Don’t wait anymore. Let’s go and enjoy all awesome of infecting people, turn them into hungry zombies, and conquer the world once again, guys. It is time to take your zombies to big cities and transform all citizens into the bad zombies. Players have to click on the zombie to guide them to crowds. The more people are turned into monsters, the better score they gain. Don’t forget to collect gold coins people leave behind. Once seeing so many cops, the players can use bombs to destroy those police officers. Hope you have fun, guys!

How to play

The mouse is to play the game.


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