Jet Miner

Jet Miner

Have free times? Let’s join in Jet Miner with us and explore more cool stuffs in there immediately, all game-addicts! Don’t waste time anymore! There we go!

In this game, the players will help a Minecraft man find a huge number of priceless diamonds in a dark forest. Be brave enough to carry out this objective? Tap Start and relish now! Accessing the playing field, you must be swift to run around that land to look for the targets. They are scattered everywhere, so it’s not easy to find them. Please pay attention to the radar at the top! It’ll show the diamonds’ position so that players can search for the right spot easily. Once seeing them, use a pickaxe to collect. Keep in mind that the clock is ticking, so try to finish this difficult task before running out of time.

Ok, it’s enough for explaining! Now, just enter Jet Miner and have your experience! Be ready? Let’s start!

How to play

Move around: WASD or arrow keys.
Collect diamonds: the left mouse.


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