Last Town

Last Town

Last Town tells about a horrifying story in which a small town was cast a curse by two ugly witches. Under the power of the curse, a swarm of monsters are flocking to the place and demolishing anything here. Nimbly land on the game and start battling against these opponents.

The essential task players must perform is to strategically set up farmers, villagers, assassins, and other towers along the pathway to prevent these monsters from entering the town’s entrance. After gaining the success, you can gather a big amount of cash. Well, such the collected fund should be spent on new upgrades and power-ups for the current protective system. Make every effort to let the rivals fail to fulfill their cruel intention.

Hope that you love the content and features given by Last Town! Good luck to you!

How to play

The game is activated by using the left mouse.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
VN:F [1.9.14_1148]
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Last Town, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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