Learn To Fly 2

Learn To Fly 2Pack your bags and travel with us to Antarctica right now, guys! Come there to help a little penguin to accomplish an important mission. Want to find out what it is? Let’s land on Learn To Fly 2 and discover incredible things there! In this game, the Penguin wants to know the way to fly high. He even has tons of books mentioning about that matter. Now, players need to take him to the high cliff and make him fly as far as possible. Bear in mind that once he out of the ramp, you must tap the prescribed buttons to support him to jump perfectly. Don’t forget to complete other requests in each day to earn the extra. The better result you attain, the more money you’ll get for the upcoming stages. Thanks to that, our penguin can purchase essential upgrades, such as Distance, Altitude, Speed, and other useful items to enhance his flying ability. Will he succeed in achieving the furthest distance? Play and see!

How to play

Control the penguin: arrow keys.
Use rockets: spacebar.


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