Love Lego game? Cannot resist the attraction of Minecraft game? We have good news for you! A mixture of Lego and Minecraft has released, and its name is LegoCraft! It is time to beautify your sandbox world so that it becomes more picturesque and eye-catching than ever! Here we go!

Hey, stay calm because you’re able to master the in-game tasks easily! You must build a home, castle, garden, or whatever you like best. Hence, it becomes a request to ruin and congregate many different types of blocks because they are essential resource for the process of building. Store them as many as you can! The next job revolves around crafting a few helpful tools and weapons by open the Inventory! The shortest way to win the game is to follow all tutorials given by LegoCraft!

Happy day and good luck to you throughout LegoCraft! Let us see how excellent you are!

How to play

Walk with the ASDW keys.
Leap with the Spacebar key.
Place/Mine items with Left/Right Click.
Open the Inventory with I key.
Opt for item slots with 1-9 keys.
Throw items with T key.
Add trees with C key.

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