Midnight Miner

Midnight Miner

Let your weekend become fun, colorful and exciting by entering Midnight Miner. The Minecraft-combined game is expected to attract your attention from the first sight of joining in! Make no hesitancy to master the game’s rule right away!

You are in charge of a miner, remember! That’s why it is a need to dig into the earthen depths by the moonlight! That is also the job as a miner! Never stop trying to mine the deep areas since you may be then rewarded with other valuable gems/metals. Besides, don’t forget to congregate gold, silver, rubies, diamonds, etc. deeply underneath during the discovery. While mining, it is also a wise suggestion to avoid encountering buried stones as they have powers to cripple your mining craft quickly. Mining the large grey boulders is very dangerous, too! Make efforts to drill through and collect other rocks/gems/minerals, and you’re able to obtain lots of rewards from the midnight mine!

Become the richest person by savoring Midnight Miner!

How to play

The left-right arrow keys or the A-D keys: Take control over the mining craft.

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Midnight Miner, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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