Mine Blocks 1.24

Mine Blocks 1.24

Have you ever done any art project by yourself? If not, don’t mind putting yourself into a creative game – Mine Blocks 1.24. Alright, let’s wake your imagination up, fellows!

By taking part in this project, the players can travel to Minecraft world freely to carry out the major activity. What do you need to do here? The significant thing is – looking for raw materials (sand, iron, coal, wood, dirt, flowers, fruits, etc.). Then, hunt animals to recover your health. After that, open the "Crafting Recipe" to know ways making a variety of tools (pickaxes, hammers, axes, and more) for the constructing process. Lastly, lay the materials on the ground in an aesthetic way to form a spectacular structure. Bear in mind, dangerous creatures will wander around to destroy your achievements.

In Mine Blocks 1.24, please avail your creativity to make something marvelous! Have fun here!

How to play

Move: Arrow/WASD keys.
Build house: Left mouse and Shift key.
Mine blocks: Mouse.


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