Mine Runner 1

Mine Runner 1

Now, don’t mind taking a deep breath, and then setting foot into Mine Runner 1 to enjoy the intense experience now, all Minecraft buddies!

Once penetrating into the creepers’ forest to gather wood planks, Steve was suddenly detected. It is time to land on this place to give him your supportive hand now, players! See a long road in the front? Let’s guide Steve to running cleverly and wisely to avoid colliding with all obstacles and creepy hostiles, like zombies, water, lava, and more. Direct him how to slide under or jump over the barriers throughout his adventure. The game’s speed will surely increase whenever players level up. If you hit or touch anything; sadly, you have to say goodbye the game from now! Oh, remember to finish all requests in the Achievement to gain huge support.

Mine Runner 1 is indeed a best chance to show off your running capacity, my fellow! Come here now!

How to play

Hit the ASD keys to move left/right and slide.
Press the Spacebar to jump.
Tap the W key to kick.


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