Mine Runner

Mine Runner

Oh, no! A lot of monsters are coming! As a brave hero, you have a responsibility to fight against them all to save innocence citizens. How? Come to Mine Runner for more info!

Firstly, try to take your gun and then move towards the Headquarters of cruel rivals. A large number of obstacles (green fences, lava, etc.) are also set up along the way to prevent you from saving the city. It’s a need to jump, run, slide over these obstructions without crushing them; otherwise, you’ll fail. Bloodthirsty zombies can appear to eat you. At that time, use a powerful gun to shoot and beat them all. Gather gold coins to upgrade your strength and buy weapons. Be always careful, as dozens of dangers are waiting you ahead.

Land on Mine Runner to start your duty! Have much fun!

How to play

W key/Up arrow key: Attack.
S key/Down arrow key: Duck.
A,D keys/Left, Right arrow key: Move.
Space bar: Jump.


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