Minecraft 2D

Minecraft 2D

Don’t lose your opportunity to enjoy Minecraft 2D, guys. The game takes you to a heaven-like world where there is nothing except you and empty land. The challenge is that players have to find the way to survive there for long.

Let’s open the game and look around the world. Do you have any idea for living here? It is worth trying that. Here we go! The players will use available materials hidden under 7 keys from Z to M to start building what they want. They can set up a luxurious house, an old castle, or even a marvelous mansion. Why not? Finally, take time to decorate their own world. Plant lots of trees, flowers, and grass to make your life come closer to the nature, guys. Don’t forget to create a big yard for leisure.

Why don’t you play Minecraft 2D and begin expressing your desires right now. Enjoy, guys!

How to play

Move by the arrow keys.
The mouse is to build/break.
Choose blocks from Z to M.

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