Minecraft: Anvil Spleef

Minecraft: Anvil Spleef

Have any idea about Minecraft: Anvil Spleef? What’s special in this game? You will become the best player if you help Steve survive in Minecraft world within 20 minutes. Try playing it anyway!

Can you guess where Steve is standing? Oh, no! He’s got lost in the anvil world considered as the most dangerous place. Don’t waste time anymore! Go to that terrible area and set a logical plan in order to escape him from there immediately. Look! All the anvils are falling off the ground! The major objective here is to instruct Steve how to get over the falling anvils without colliding with them. Is the duty tough? An anvil will show up in a second, remember! Now, be careful to decide to move either right or left to avoid hitting them. Never cause any silly mistake, or the game is over. Survive in this world as long as possible to gain a high score.

Now, travel to Minecraft: Anvil Spleef to support Steve! Good luck to you, guys!

How to play

Start the game: Enter.
Move: Left/right arrow keys.


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