Minecraft: Are You a Zombie?

Minecraft: Are You a Zombie?

Right now, move to ‘Minecraft: Are You a Zombie?‘ to have your own experience when becoming a zombie. Try to find the exit door to escape from the horrifying maze; otherwise, you’ll die soon. Come on!

At this moment, you’re lost in a deadly place. Many people that enter this cave had to die painfully as they couldn’t find the exit way. Can you be the only survivor? Express all you have to reach the actual way out before running out of time. However, this maze contains many paths and corners. How to determine the right way leading to the final destination? Let’s follow arrows on the road! Avoid moving to the wrong way, unless you want to waste your time. Along the way, pay attention to few strangers as they’ll chase and attack you. Be patient and never be confused by these wavy paths!

Hope you find the correct way reaching the exit in ‘Minecraft: Are You a Zombie?‘!

How to play

To control the zombie, simply activate the arrow keys.


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