Minecraft Block Story

Minecraft Block Story

Minecraft is a place where you can savor all new and interesting activities. And today, let’s visit Minecraft Block Story to carry out some impressive, thrilling, and fun stuff. Come on!

When landing on the playing field, players are required to perform 2 vital missions – discovering and constructing. It’s time for the initial job! Firstly, move around the terrains (mountain, hill, beach, and desert) to search for and gather raw materials. What for? Well, the resources surely play a crucial role in the building process! Meanwhile, spend time exploring the wonderful landscapes in the Block World and gaining valuables. Bear in mind, later, the enemies will show up. Hurry to craft tools or weapons to battle against them! Lastly, create a couple of art structures, like palaces or castles, to make the current land more marvelous.

Why don’t you play Minecraft Block Story now? Hope you have great experience in this place!

How to play

Movement: WASD/arrow keys.
Interact with the game: the mouse.

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