Minecraft Company Dream V1.0

Minecraft Company Dream V1.0

Spending time on enjoying Minecraft Company Dream V1.0 is one of our suggestions for those who’re at leisure today! Wonder the reason? Well, the game does provide you with a chance to become a skilled boss! Alright, accompany us to the playfield instantly!

Helping Steve run his music shop is what you’re chiefly required to do here. He is too busy with other important projects to manage the store well at that time. Firstly, spend dollars on producing discs and upgrading a few important items. Remember that every player is just offered only 15 music discs to start their business. That’s why they must earn much more money so as to make deals on new upgrades! After achievements, it’s time to consider running a new large company! You’re advised to click on the arrow below and hire staffs as many as possible, who can help to do the job automatically and efficiently.

Hope that you will have a delightful moment within Minecraft Company Dream V1.0! Happy playing!

How to play

Do everything in the game by the left mouse.


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