Minecraft Craft

Minecraft Craft

A really beautiful world is waiting for you to discover in a Minecraft game – Minecraft Craft. Are you curious about this world, guys? It is time for you to get inside it and experience enjoyable moments.

The 2D world is so perfect. Mountains, hills, lakes, mound, flowers, trees, grass, or even animals are welcoming you to their world. Hurry up to move around and enjoy nice landscapes and wonderlands. During the journey, do not jump so much, or the hearts will gradually disappear. If letting all 10 hearts be gone, the adventure will end. Along the way, try to help some guys escape from bad forces. These small tasks can give you lots of points, guys. Use your pickaxe to dig a straight path towards innocent people and save them.

Hope you have a great adventure in Minecraft Craft, guys!

How to play

The arrow keys are to move.
The mouse is to dig.


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