Minecraft Endless Runner

Minecraft Endless Runner

You are always welcomed to savor the innovative Creeper-related Minecraft version, called Minecraft Endless Runner! Here we are!

Any game addicts would find it amazing and cool when having to help the little duck dodge the ugly green creeper or other ghostly creatures along his adventure. One of the funniest parts here is that your character automatically runs along the path. Hence, it is a need to take control of him flexibly so that he will never hit any of the revengeful creatures ahead. Otherwise, you will immediately become a loser. Jumping over them is the core task you must assist the duck. Yet, please notice all ghosts above you as well.

Feel free to hit the Run button in Minecraft Endless Runner to continue your duck’s journey for more insightful experience all there! Your scores will surely increase once he may go through all.

How to play

The W key is clicked to jump over the foes.


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