Minecraft Flash

Minecraft Flash

Attention, Minecraft friends! What’s special about Minecraft Flash? Enter there to experience and answer your own question. Hurry up! A little boy is waiting for your help.

In this place, what’s happened? Well, because of the curiosity, the Minecraft boy unintentionally got lost to the creepers’ territory. How dangerous it is! At first, players should find a shelter for him to hide. Look! There’s a large cave over there! Be quick to mine couples of unnecessary blocks and let the boy stay in there. However, bear in mind, never sneak out in the evening! Why? At night, the creepers usually go outside to attack people. Once the sun rises, don’t mind taking him out the forest and directing him how to return his family safely. Focus highly on the screen to know the enemies’ exact position. Never cause any silly mistake!

Can you help the boy in Minecraft Flash survive in this dangerous world? Try now!

How to play

Hit WASD to guide the main character.
Use the left mouse to break blocks.


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