Minecraft In War

Minecraft In War

Do you want to see how great you are once fighting against waves of terrible zombies in Minecraft In War, guys? At the moment, a little boy has quitted the battle between him and the zombies because they are so crowded and he cannot beat all of them off alone.

Why don’t you come there and give your boy a hand. I think that you have many wise tactics to trap enemies. There we come, guys. Look! The zombies attack your house from many sides. To make sure that your house cannot be destroyed, hurry up to stand in front of it and wait for your rivals. Use a set of axes to throw at them and kill them. Try to keep 3 lives available at the end of the war. If you lose them, the game is over. Never let any zombie get into the house also, guys.

Enjoy Minecraft In War and win the war!

How to play

Move by the arrow keys.
Attack by A key.


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