Minecraft Item Catcher

Minecraft Item Catcher

Are you curious about Minecraft Item Catcher? What can you find in there? Many cool features are waiting for your discovery. What are you waiting for? Time to figure out!

Once landing on the main screen, the players are asked to support Steve to carry out a chief task – searching for and gathering foods for the next fight between him and Minecraft creepers. Is this mission tough? Let’s try it! Oh, Steve has nothing in his stomach. Now, help Steve control the available cart to catch foods and more valuable items dropping from the sky. Is it weird, guys? Whatever! No one can explain this phenomenon; however, players must collect more foods to obtain a high score. Watch out! Lots of dangerous bombs are also falling into the ground! See? Never touch them, or Steve will explode immediately!

Head towards Minecraft Item Catcher to help Steve deal with this challenging job!

How to play

Utilize AD or left/right arrow keys to control the cart.


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