Minecraft scene creator

Minecraft scene creator

Do you want to build a wonderful house on your own? Go to Minecraft scene creator and feel free to do anything you want. Construct any structure and decorate it according to your own interest. Let’s get started!

Look at the main screen! In this game, the players are offered different kinds of items as well as characters. The core job, at this moment, is to fill the boring background with colorful and lively stuff. To create a cool Minecraft scene, players must draw a certain plan. At first, use various objects and place them on the empty space in order to create a simple picture. Then, pick few characters and effects so that your scene will be more vivid and contain an interesting plot. Don’t forget to add some creatures to the background. Last but not least, it’s a must to grow bunches of trees, grass, and many flowers.

If you want to play Minecraft scene creator, please wake your imagination up. Can’t wait to see your final result!

How to play

The main key to play the game is the mouse.


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