Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Minecraft Tower Defense 2Make a breakthrough in the newest version Minecraft Tower Defense 2 to become the player who has the highest score right now, guys. This time, the mission is to protect Minecraft world from strong strikes of bad monsters like bats, creepers, zombies, skeletons, and spiders. First of all, make different tactics to beat the above monsters. They have to dig a long and wavy track from the gate to the house. After completing the track, they will earn some money. Use it to purchase towers and traps in the store. Then, put them on or along that track strategically. Once enemies appear, these weapons will automatically defeat them. During the war, don’t forget to spend the earned money on upgrading new weapons. Hope you keep the Minecraft world safe until killing all monsters! Good luck to you, my dear friends!

How to play

The mouse is to enjoy the game.


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