Minecraft Tower Defense

Minecraft Tower DefenseHi, all Minecraft fellows! We’re back with an incredible Minecraft games. Do you want to join with us? Pack your bags and step to Minecraft Tower Defense right now! It’s a strategic tower defense game in which players must set traps to destroy waves of creepers. Are you confident enough to carry out this task successfully? Let’s begin! In there, Steve is running away various kinds of dangerous creatures. Help him create a straight path leading to his home safely. Then, purchase and place traps or turrets along the way. This game requires a quick reaction and a logical strategy from the players. All you need to do now is to wait for the enemies’ waves. The more hostiles you destroy, the more blocks you can earn. Use them to buy new advanced traps and turrets or upgrade the current ones. Keep playing to unlock 2 brand-new maps, ok? Much fun!

How to play

The essential key to play this game is the mouse.


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