MineFlashDo you want to possess a nice house or a large cave full of valuable treasures? It is assured that your dream will become true in MineFlash – a new game of Minecraft. Let’s go and experience it right now. Firstly, you need to gain 40 wooden planks by punching the tree regularly. Later, use the pickaxe to collect necessary materials for the construction, such as gold, silver, dirt, coal, ore, iron, steel, and so on. Remember to craft weapons to destroy the enemies and attain XP points. Do not forget to go shopping to purchase precious gems and decoration items. Please add trees, flowers, sun, moon, rain, wind, etc. to make the scene more gorgeous and lively. Finally, do not be shy to show us your masterpiece. Are you ready? Let’s go!

How to play

The mouse is the only key to take control of this game.


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