Minecraft is likely to open a world of possibilities that leaves much impression on its buffs! Today, instead of focusing on survival or just building as many constructions as possible, please turn your great attention to the process of collecting resources – one of the most important aspects of the game right now! What I want to mention is MineQuest – a both idle and active mining system. Come on!

Instantly grab your pickaxe and begin clicking on the dirty rock to mine money, gems, and other valuable materials. In the inventory, it is possible to sell loot or craft & equip the advanced mining tools that you may need to apply to mine other rocks, too. The main goal in the clicker game MineQuest is simply to gain profit as much as you can while making every effort to gain the best crafting and gem-boost results through using the higher ranked treasures.

Hope you have fun with MineQuest!

How to play

Release hard clicks: Only the mouse


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