Mineral Rush

Mineral Rush

My dear friends, there is a great job for you in a good Minecraft game – Mineral Rush. Hurry up to discover it and start mining all precious minerals. Wow! Why don’t you take your pickaxe and begin this cool job now?

Players need a bag and a powerful pickaxe, and then they move to a cave in Minecraft world. Remember there is no danger except a big guy Mr. Paul. Ok, let’s go to earn a great deal of money. When coming to the cave, the players see 3 types of rocks. Their main task is to click on them as quickly as they can. The more they mine the minerals on them by clicking, the more money is gained in their bag. Try to earn $25,000 to kill Mr. Paul before he steals all your achievements, guys. Don’t forget to visit the store for upgrading the pickaxe and improve the health.

Enjoy your cool search in Mineral Rush, guys!

How to play

Use the mouse to mine.


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