Mini Commando

Mini Commando

An unexpected event happens to Jim when he’s enjoying a nice picnic with family. What is that? Aggressive & ugly minions attack him and abduct his family members. Help him to free them all by engaging in Mini Commando right away!

He never achieves the success in this adventure without your assistance. Please use your clever skill at controlling every of his movement and action. Don’t forget the importance: He needs your brilliant guidance to save his family. Move him to search for the right path to the hostiles’ base. Just pick up the rifle on the ground, guide him to move ahead, and follow all in-game instructions so that all challenges and puzzles along the path will be kept under control. Keep self cautious to dodge any sudden shots launched by the hidden enemies.

Believe that you’re quite able to rescue the Jim’s family? Prove that by playing Mini Commando, dear guys!

How to play

Play the game by your left mouse.


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