If you are confident in handling any situation, hurry up to enjoy a Minecraft game – Minicraft and help a poor boy. Because of being naughty and curious, the boy gets lost in a terrible world off hungry creepers.

The main task of players right now is to find all ways to keep him living there for long. Come on and start your strategies. Actually, the longer you help him survive, the more awesome you are, and the better experience points will be. At first, the players should go around the world to look for the creepers. When determining where they are, you can build a nice shelter far away from them for him. Please click on blocks to set up the shelter. During the game, never let any creeper reach the boy. Once they nearly come to him, use arrows to destroy them. If you can keep 10 lives at the end of the game, you save him from the death.

Good luck to you in Minicraft, guys!

How to play

Move by arrow keys.
F key is to place blocks.
The mouse is to build/break.
Spacebar is to attack.


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