For a brief period, Miocraft – a new Minecraft creative game – has captured lots of people’s attention. Are you one of them? Let’s jump into there and start discovering!

When entering this beautiful and fascinating Minecraft world, the players will be blown away by its amazing landscapes. However, let’s focus on the chief task first, ok? Time to turn this existing land into something marvelous! Use a pickaxe and walk around this place to mine some necessary blocks. When collecting enough, be prompt to look for an ideal location to start off your constructing process. Don’t forget to switch the pickaxe to the spatula before placing the blocks. Try to put those blocks in an orderly and logical way to bring a new appearance to your land.

So, travel to Miocraft right now to avail your creativity and imagination! Will you complete your structure? Play and see!

How to play

Press WASD/arrow keys to move around.
Use the mouse to deal with blocks.
Tap spacebar to jump.
Hit R to switch tools.


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