My Blocks

My Blocks

Minecraft fellows! Let’s land on My Blocks – another creative game – to discover a magical 3D land! Does it stimulate your imagination? Hit Start key and check it out!

When entering the playing screen, the players will have a chance to own a wonderful vast land. However, it seems to be simple. That’s why you must add more amazing structures, such as a castle, building, garden, farm, etc. to this place. Initially, use a pickaxe and move around to mine some vital resources. Look at the bottom! There comes a small box storing your constructing items. After finishing mining blocks and searching for a location, please take all things in the Inventory out. Place and arrange them in a strategic way to accomplish your construction.

Can’t wait any longer, right? Don’t hesitate to play My Blocks instantly and tell us your feelings! Have joyful times!

How to play

Walk: WASD keys.
Jump: spacebar.
Place blocks: the mouse.
Switch tools: R key.
Select blocks: 1 and 2 keys.


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