Pinata Hunter 3

Pinata Hunter 3

Have you heard about the traditional Piñata Festival yet? It usually holds in Latin America countries? Want to discover more about this unique fiesta? Land on Pinata Hunter 3 to taste it immediately!

In here, the chief task for the players is to whack the piñata and collect all the candies as well as other fun. How to do? You’re provided a big stick to perform the objective. Be wise and clever to control the stick to fill the bucket will lots of good things. Generally, keep making constant hits until the bar (on the right side) is filled with red color. Visit the Shop to purchase few upgrades and items that can help players increase the hits’ power. Lots of things you can choose, such as gloves, hammers, swords, knives, guns, blades, chainsaws, etc. There’s no limited time when playing this game, remember!

What are you waiting for? Continue explore the amazing carnival via Pinata Hunter 3, fellows!

How to play

Utilize only the mouse to play this game.


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