Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

Pre-Civilization Bronze Age is trusted to give its users a cool and stimulating experience! But it turns to be a hard concept if they don’t know what they are doing! So, please get assured that you play through the in-game tutorials. The main objective is to develop your civilization, keep it safe, as well as set up a world wonder. Let’s discover!

It is important to assign your people to several tasks, such as defense, farming, fishing, mining, sheep herding, and research. What for? The process of farming, sheep herding, and fishing can help to feed and grow your population. Meanwhile, ask them to research technology so as to find new buildings & get bonuses. Simply make sure that you have enough warriors who can assist to protect your town.

Users are advised to play strategically if they crave to survive as long as possible to build their wonder! Don’t just beat the game on an easy difficulty. Instead, it’s time to try the one of the harder difficulties! Happy time in Pre-Civilization Bronze Age!

How to play

The mouse: Interact with the game.

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