Raze 3

Raze-3The Earth is in danger, all game-addicts! Be a brilliant soldier and head towards Raze 3 to bring the peace back to the world. Get ready to command a group of heroes to enter the battlefield? Let’s go! At first, guide your character to sneak into the enemies’ base and shoot all the opponents down. Remember to look at every direction to determine necessary targets. Once players see the enemies, don’t hesitate to aim and attack them right away. However, be aware of the rivals’ counter-attacks or your soldier will die immediately. The more opponents players defeat, the more money they will achieve. Use the money to purchase powerful weapon, powerful abilities, and essential equipment in order to destroy a large number of hostiles in the fastest time. Accomplish 15 missions well to save the whole world. Wish you succeed!

How to play

Move: WASD/arrow keys.
Aim and shoot: the mouse.
Jump: spacebar.
Choose the weapons: Q & E or Shift & Enter.


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