Rock Vs Zombies

Rock Vs Zombies

A Minecraft guy is now stuck! His shelter will be destructed without support from others. Look! He just looks miserable! Please jump into Rock Vs Zombies to help him protect the house and slaughter all the aggressive hostiles now!

The truth is that the undead are now spread out everywhere in his village. That’s your duty to defend every innocent villager from these zombies! How? A big rock is given to assist in fulfilling your mission. Swiftly look for the rivals and squash them. Of course, other obstacles, like trees, planks, windmills, fences, etc. are also available to prevent the rock’s movement. So, please stay focused and skillful to navigate it.

That sounds thrilling but exciting, right? The key to winning Rock Vs Zombies is to equip yourself with flexibility and cleverness, guys. Have much fun!

How to play

All of the arrow keys are used to play Rock Vs Zombies.

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Rock Vs Zombies, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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