Shark Lifting 2

Shark Lifting 2

Have spare time at this moment? Go with us to Shark Lifting 2 to see what’s going on in this game! The 2nd chapter will give you amusing time just like the previous edition. Try it now!

After achieving the victory in the pro wrestling competition at BBWWF, Masivv Von Sowledre – the wrestler – decides to make a long hiatus to do another job. Actually, his hobby is to do the lifting at the beach to amuse people. What is he going to lift? Hurry to travel to a small arena at the beach with him! At that place, many wrestlers need to lift a huge shark for attaining the victory. That sounds crazy yet interesting, right? Many decades ago, the shark lifting was considered as a fierce struggle among the men. Do you think Sowledre can deal with this competition? With your help, hope everything will be much easier for him. Perform constant hits to gain the good result!

Now, prove your ability and skill in Shark Lifting 2, guys! Wish you succeed here!

How to play

Tap the left mouse button crazily in this game.

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Shark Lifting 2, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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